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Hello, I’m Adam!

Also known as a Brand & Creative Designer.


Dia Duit or hello!

By now I hope you know my name is Adam McCoy & I am a Brand & Creative Designer (I didn’t do my job if you don’t…)

I was born and raised in a small village in Co. Meath, Ireland. Being from a small village I learned everyone has a story to tell from the community around me and it’s important to be open to change and fresh ideas.

I fell in love with Design from watching my Grandfather paint during my childhood. This love led me to choose Creative Digital Media for my Higher Education choice. I gained my BA (Hons) in Creative Digital Media from the Technological University Dublin, Blanchardstown during the fall of 2020. 

Drawing from my professional & personal design experience, I became fascinated with how design can help valiant companies, motivated go-getters & fearless startups blossom creatively, inspire exhilarating reactions and build a dedicated audience.

I’m always down to collaborate, reach out and let’s chat!

Headshot Adam McCoy

Design Values

User Importance

Collaborative designs are a result of client and designer chats, brainstorming sessions & many puzzling sketches on messy notebook pages.

All my projects begin with ambitious ideas from my clients and a friendly & enthusiastic designer with a slight addiction to coffee & chocolate digestives closely behind it.

Team Player & Leadership

As designers, I believe we work best when immersed in a collaborative environment. Collaborating with representatives of other disciplines allows us to produce the best ideas and gives the development team to take ownership of the design.

I ensure all projects begin with a team agreement and a defined & clear schedule. 

Visual Design & Branding

I take pride in being able to communicate through Visual Design. Sometimes technical constraints can be bypassed or avoided through a little creativity and collaboration.

This allows me to ensure that clients & developers, early in the project, understand what we are trying to achieve with our design. 


Distilled SCH

Creative Designer

May 2022 – Current

Nettl of Dublin

Web and Print Design Executive

March 2021 – May 2022

Innumeris Education

Web & Social Media Officer

August 2020 – December 2021


Website Designer

May 2020 – March 2021

Fingal County Council

Multimedia Designer

January 2019 – August 2019


Technological University Dublin

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Digital Media, Second Class Honours

November 2020


Kaleidoscope 2020

Project of the Year Nomination – Paradigm Shift

May 2020

Want to get in Touch?

I’m always down to collaborate, reach out and let’s chat! Looking forward to hearing from you ✌️